Welcome to Hope Academy! We are a community, committed to ensuring the best possible learning environment for your child.  Our administration, teaching staff, board, and parent volunteers are a vital part of what we do at this school.  We invite you to contact any of us if you have questions or concerns. 



8:45 am            Students can arrive between 8:45 and 9:00 and will be supervised on the playground

9:00 am            School begins with flag salute

9:05-9:25            PE

9:30-10:00          Bible

10:00-11:00       Math

11:00-11:20       Recess

11:25-12:30       Language Arts

12:30-1:15         Lunch/ recess

1:15 - 2:00         M/W/F – Science

                         T/Th/F -  Social Studies

2:00-3:00           Enrichment class



Students are NOT allowed to wander around Calvary Chapel before or after school.  They need to be dropped off each morning between 8:45-9:00 am on the school playground. If students are late and we are already in the building, please walk them through the front doors and walk them to the classroom. At dismissal (3:00 pm), the door at the top of the side stairway will be open. A pastor supervises those coming in and going out for safety purposes.  Please come to the classroom to pick up your student.


If your child has an appointment scheduled during the school day, please let us know by text before school so we can have him/her downstairs to meet you.  We don’t always check our text messages during the school day, so notifying us before 9 am will ensure that we have received the message.


Rainy day procedure- If there is water on the ground, the stairs will be slippery so we will have the students dropped off at the front doors where a teacher/staff person will be waiting to walk them to the indoor room for recess. Afternoon pick up will remain the same. 



The schedule remains the same except dismissal for students is 12:00 pm.



Physical education and recess are the only times your students will be outside of our building, and in this unique environment that will be limited to the playground and grass area under the supervision of the teacher and aide. 



We start school later than most public schools because many of our children have difficult mornings for one reason or another.  Please make every effort to get your child to school on time, but in the event that your child will be late or absent, a text is appreciated (530-518-4092). 


Consistency is very important to your child’s education and performance in the classroom.  Schedules and structure provide students with a sense of well-being.  It is expected that your student will show up and be prepared every day. 


Please keep your child home if he/she has a communicable disease or has had a fever.  We adhere to the “24 hour fever free” rule.  If your child develops a fever while at school, we will call and expect the child to be taken home that day (we do not have space for a sick child).



Students with learning challenges work harder to accomplish their school assignments.  As long as a student is putting forth effort, homework or take home projects will be rare.  However, students who do not give their best effort during class will be expected to complete assignments at home. 


Work missed due to absences will be added to the daily work when the student returns.  In the case of extended absences or requested homework, packets can be sent home.  Please allow us 24 hours notice if you want to pick up work.


Every student should be reading and/or being read to at home for 20 minutes every evening.  That is the BEST use of “homework” time! 



All medication must be kept in our locked safe.  Please give it to a teacher or aide directly; DO NOT send it in the student’s backpack or lunchbox.  You must sign a medication authorization form before we can administer anything to your child.  If your child need Ibuprofen or Tylenol and it is authorized in your health form, we will still give you a call before we medicate.



Hope Academy does not require uniforms, but we do adhere to a dress code that emphasizes modesty and appropriate clothing options.  Girls must wear clothing that covers legs to 2 inches above the knee (dresses, skirts, shorts); boys cannot wear shirts or t-shirts with graphics involving violence or death (skulls).  Pants or shorts must be in good shape and without holes or rips (including jeans designed with rips!).  Wear shoes appropriate for PE and outdoor play.



Respect and responsibility are essential to our learning environment.  Students are to show respect to teachers, volunteers, church staff, and each other.  They are responsible for their own behavior and choices.  We are proactive in our approach to discipline, and knowledge of changes in their home environment, medications, or health is extremely helpful in alerting us to the things that might lead to misbehavior in the classroom.  Setting clear expectations for the students, discussing and role-playing scenarios in class, talking through problems should they arise, and using natural consequences whenever possible enable students to learn ways to manage their own behavior. 


Bullying is not tolerated.  Bullying is defined as consistent aggressive behavior (targeted, repetitive, and degrading) by another student, whether verbal or physical, and will result in a meeting with the child’s parents.  If the behavior continues after a plan is enacted, the child will be dismissed from the school.


We make sure parents are always informed of serious or repeated behaviors that are of concern, and if necessary a behavior plan will be developed with clear goals and consequences. 


Because we are not a special education program, any aggressive behaviors that would put other students or staff at risk will also be cause for a child to be dismissed from the school. 



Your child’s safety is our primary concern, and we welcome visitors who have notified us ahead of time (parents, grandparents) to come to the classroom.  Occasionally we will have families who are interested at all times.  If you or someone in your family visits during the school day, please come through the front door of the building. You must fill out a visitor form and wear a visitor badge during your time on campus.


Anyone wishing to volunteer in the classroom (even a relative!) will need to complete the Calvary Chapel volunteer application and submit to a LiveScan fingerprint background check.  This ensures the safety of ALL of our students. 


Parents who drive students other than their own must have current insurance and TB test. Students are assigned to drivers/chaperones by the teacher, and must stay with that chaperone throughout the trip.  Chaperones/drivers are asked to stay with their group and not make side trips for coffee or snacks (including stops in gifts shops unless authorized).  Field trips are scheduled for academic purposes and we want to ensure that is the focus.


Please plan on having your child attend all scheduled field trips, as they are often arranged and paid for in the summer to ensure our spot.  Students must wear their field trip shirt and bring a water bottle.  Please be on time, as we cannot wait for students who are running late.