Language Arts


Reading and writing are foundational skills and require clear and direct instruction in phonemic awareness, phonics and decoding, and fluency (both in oral and written expression).  We have a reading teacher dedicated to our K-2 beginning readers, offering one-on-one and small group instruction.  We use DIBELS to track and intervene early when students are struggling.  We also have individualized programs and materials for the older students, including Barton tutoring using the Orton-Gillingham method for those who need it.  Writing skills are developed through a variety of curriculum options, and speech to text computer programs and keyboarding classes aide students for whom the physical act of writing inhibits production.  Students become confident readers and writers.



Math is a combination of project-based, hands on learning that makes math meaningful and memorable AND computer based instruction that makes it understandable.  It is important that math take a multi-sensory approach.  We follow Common Core standards but not necessarily the Common Core methodology. 



Each year focuses on a unique theme in one of the three areas of science: Physical Science, Earth Science, and Life Science.  Reading from trade books, articles, biographies, and websites give students information for projects and assignments.  STEM activities (Science Technology Engineering and Math( give students a chance to develop their problem-solving skills.  We participate in the science fair; older students developing individual projects, and younger students group projects.


Social Studies

Project based instruction alternates between American history and world history from year to year covering different topics and time periods.  Both science and social studies are supplemented with engaging field trips.


The Arts

Many children excel in activities that involve spatial awareness and/or creativity, so we include ongoing opportunities for art, music, and drama among our enrichment classes.



We want to honor the wide variety of interests among our students, and will offer Spanish, Technology, Lego Robotics, Kung Fu, a running program - Kids on The Run, art, and guitar - to name a few.


Service projects

Students will regularly engage in projects to make a difference in their community and around the world.


Parent Community and Connection

Raising children is a monumental task, and we take our partnership with parents very seriously.  We want to develop a supportive environment for students in every way, so family STEM nights (science and math fun!), picnics and special activities during the year are offered.  Workshops on dyslexia, ADD, and other relevant topics will be presented to help support your child beyond the classroom.