About Us

As educators and parents, we have values and beliefs we wish to instill in our children. Our desire is to prepare our kids for the challenges they will confront during their formative years as well as when they are adults. Selecting a school that shares and reinforces those values is easily one of the most important decisions we make for our kids.

Our Mission

At Hope Academy, our mission is to assist families in educating, equipping, and encouraging their children to influence the world for Christ.

We believe children are created by God for a purpose and are to be trained with an eternal focus to serve Him both now and for eternity.

Our students are trained to apply what they believe to how they live; to identify their God-given gifts and talents, and to see how those skills can be used for the Kingdom; to see what they do in the future as a vocation given them by God, as an area where they can use their unique gifts and abilities to His glory.

Hope offers a full curriculum in a multi-age classroom.  Students are taught individually in the areas of language arts/reading and math, and then work together during science and social studies.  Independent learning and group collaboration teach students to work as a community.


We are committed to serving all students’ needs. With our staff of credentialed and specialized teachers, we are equipped to teach students who struggle as well as those who are gifted learners. We offer research-based teaching methods, individualized programs, and small class sizes to develop skills and equip students for success. 


Hope Academy is the perfect transition from homeschooling to a classroom structure. It offers a blend of individualized work and group lessons.  Class size is small enough to be personal, but large enough to challenge students to work independently and collaboratively.

Our Location

Hope Academy meets at Calvary Chapel Chico at 1888 Springfield Dr. in Chico, CA.

Want more Information?

call our director of education at 530.518.4092