Frequently Asked Questions

What is a PSP? We are a Private school Satellite Program. That means you are registered under our school affidavit as required by the education code, but you are essentially your own private school.

What am I responsible for? You choose and purchase your own curriculum, determine your own schedule, and have the flexibility to begin and end your school year when you want (180 days are required). You will hand in a sample work from each core subject area once a trimester, a list of your math curriculum (course of study), and a completed attendance from (we provide) at the end of the year. You are also required to have your child tested at the end of the year to measure progress. K-3 will be benchmark tested in reading and math in early June; 4th-8th graders have the option to take a standardized test we administer in May.

What does Hope Academy provide? A credentialed teacher with homeschooling experience will help guide you in curriculum choices and scheduling, oversee your paperwork (portfolio for trimester work and CUM file for official school documentation), consult with you any time you have questions or problems arise, and keep you in compliance with state and federal laws. Your student is also able to to take enrichment courses on campus, chapel on the first Monday of the month, and school pictures in October. Benchmark testing is covered by your tuition; there is a fee for standardized testing.

We also have co-ops, groups of moms that take field trips and do projects together. In early spring, we have a Home-school Open House so our students can share projects, oral presentations, and connect with one another.

What makes us unique? The amount of freedom we offer differs from other programs. Because we are not a public school, we are able to allow our families greater freedom and flexibility, while still providing structure and support for those who are new to homeschooling or just want someone making sure they are staying on track.

How much does it cost? Tuition is $400 a year (or $40 a month from September until June) for up to 2 children. For 3 or more children, it’s $450 a year (or $45 a month from September until June.)